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The mission of the Thai Clinical Trials Registry (TCTR) is to encourage all clinical trials conducted in Thailand to be prospectively registered before the subject recruitment. This is to promote research transparency, to reduce redundancy and to minimize publication bias or selective reporting. Registrants who wish to register clinical trials in TCTR are obliged to disclose details of the 20 mandatory items of the WHO International Clinical Trials Registry Platform (WHO-ICTRP) dataset.



TCTR also aims to be a research database for clinical researches in Thailand thus we welcome the registration of all kinds of clinical researches including clinical trials and observational studies.




Thai Clinical Trials Registry (TCTR)

The TCTR was estabished in 2009 and has been operated by Clinical Research Collaboration Network (CRCN), an organization under the Medical Research Foundation, which is a non-profit organization, and financially supported by Thailand Center of Excellence for Life Sciences (TCELS). CRCN has been retitled the Medical Research Network (MedResNet) since June 15, 2012.






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