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How to register a clinical research in TCTR

Step 1: Apply for a user login

To register a research you will need to be a registered user with a unique login. You only need to do this once, and can register as many researches as you wish. You can apply for new user login online by completing details regarding your name and professional contact details including your telephone number, e-mail address and relevant affiliation (e.g. institution or collaborative research group). Choose a password you can remember, and click "Submit".

Step 2: Enter research details

Once you have logged in you can register your research online. Please refer to WHO site for the definition of clinical trials. You will first be asked to check whether the research is already registered with the TCTR. You will be asked to agree upon the terms and conditions written on the first page. Once agreed, you will then be directed to the data fields you need to complete. You are encouraged to complete all the fields if possible. Mandatory data fields are marked with red asterisks and are based on the requirements for registration of the World Health Organization (WHO) and International Committee of Medical Journal Editors (ICMJE). Required items and definitions for registering at TCTR can be found in [DOC] [PDF].

If you need to logout and return later to complete your submission, your data will be saved. Once you have filled in all the required data fields, you will be able to "submit" your research for registration. Please also read the FAQs.

Step 3: Confirmation of submission and registration

Once you have submitted your research, the TCTR staff will check the register to ensure this research has not already been registered in TCTR and the data is complete and unambiguous. You should expect a response within 2 working days. The TCTR staff will communicate with you via email or phone if they have any queries regarding your registration.

Following satisfactory verification of trial(s) registration each individual research is allocated a unique Thai Clinical Trials Registry Number (TCTR number). It is possible to register more than one research during one online session.

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