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Clinical Trial Registration

A. How do I obtain username/password?

Fill in the information in the form on the "create new user account" page. We will send  the initial password to you via the registered e-mail. You will have to change the password when you first log in.

B. What does clinical trial registration really means?

Prospective registration means that a trial must complete the registration process, and have a trial registration number issued, before the recruitment of the first participant. If the registration was made retrospectively, i.e., the trial registration number issued after the recruitment of the first participant, the trial was also pronounced registered. However, most leading journals, in particular the journals that are members of International Committees of Medical Journal Editors (ICMJE), requires submitted manuscript to be from the trial with prospective registration.

C. Do I have to update any information after my trial has been registered ?

Yes, you are required to update your trial information every 6 months or when it has been modified or its status has been changed. It is also encouraged that you update the information of the study results after it has been published.

D. Can I remove my registered trial from TCTR?

No, you cannot remove your registered trial from TCTR. You can do that only before you submitted the trial for approval and before the TCTR issued an ID for the trial. The TCTR will also never modify or remove any data submitted by registrants.  

E. Who is responsible for the accuracy of the trial information?

The registrant is responsible for the accuracy of the trial information. Staff of the TCTR might contact you to clarify or change some information if they found unclear or incorrect. However, they will never change the data entered by the registrants.  

F. Who is responsible for duplicate registration?

The registrant is responsible for ensuring that the trial will never be registered in TCTR more than once. To prevent duplicate registration, registrant is required to search similar registered trial in TCTR and confirm no duplication before proceed the registration. In case that duplication was detected and confirmed, staff of the TCTR will add a notified message under the title of the all duplicated trials to inform public. Again, TCTR will never modified nor removed any data once registered.  

G. What are definitions of WHO- Trials Registration Data Set? 

You can find it at the WHO Registry Network [Click here].


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